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VirX Nasal spray is a nitric oxide nasal spray that releases a small dose of nitric oxide and is designed to kill viruses in the upper airways.


Highlights :

  • - Kill 99.9% of viruses in 2 minutes
  • - Reduces the viral load by about 95% in the first 24 hours and about 99% within 72 hours 
  • - Developed by SaNOtize R&D

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VirX Nasal Spray with Nitric Oxide is a revolutionary product that will bring peace of mind to many who are concerned with viral infections. 


Formulated with the patented dual-chamber that dispenses Nitric Oxide, when sprayed over nasal mucosa, it reduces viral load in a person’s nasal cavity, and at the same time, acts as a physical and chemical barrier against the virus, preventing it from incubating and spreading to the lungs.   Nitric oxide is a molecule produced naturally by the body to help regulate a number of functions.


The safety and efficacy of VirX™ have been proven in several clinical trials conducted in Canada, the U.K., and India.


-Reduces the viral load by about 95% in the first 24 hours and about 99% within 72 hours *


-Scientifically tested and proven to kill 99.9% of viruses within 2 minutes.


It is developed by SaNOtize Research Corp,  a Canadian pharma company having a Nobel Laureate on board and in partnership with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


VirX™ is recommended to be included in our present lines of defense viruses as we pave the way for migration from pandemic to normalcy.


Usage Directions :


VirX shields against viruses and should be administered before and after suspected exposure to viruses by individuals in high-risk environments  such as public transportation, health care settings, mask-off activities,



Apply 2-3 times daily (2 sprays per nostril during each use) before and after suspected exposure to viruses in high-risk environments.


Each sprayer contains 25ml, around 200 doses of spray or 50 administrations (about a month's supply).

*Children & pregnant women should not use it without consulting a physician.

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